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15 Temmuz 2017 ( 547 izlenme )

15 Inexplicable Pictures That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Sometimes the world just doesn’t make sense and people do things like carrying tables with their teeth for no reason in particular – and that’s OK.

These 15 pictures will give you hours to think about “how?” and “why?” and “how?”.


 1. “Become a nurse,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

2. This guy is either immortal or trying to set a record in most workplace safety violations.

3. This is literally what you look like if you order a beetroot-avocado-kale-smoothie with chia seeds.

4. Why? Russia, that’s why.

5. Don’t hate the player.

Seriously, hate the guy who bid $13,600 on AIR!

6. We don’t understand what’s going on here but we like it.

7. Bear rides horses, because why not? Also, probably because, Russia.

8. “This is my car now. This is totally my car.”

9. Does this cat in the flour container make you feel surprisingly relaxed?

10. “That’s it, we’re moving.” “But what about Michelle?” “LEAVE HER BEHIND.”

11. “I’ll just leave this blow torch here while I put on my SAFETY HELMET.”

12. Morgan Freeman cat. You’re welcome.

13. This is so disturbing in so many ways.

14. Russia? Probably.

15. This is… Actually, we don’t even want to know what this is.

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